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Colorado Association and Mid-America Region Masters Outdoor Championships 2016

More than a hundred masters athletes turned out to compete and an astonishing total of 53 Rocky Mountain Games and 66 Mid-America Championship meet records were broken this year; I think that’s a record-breaking number of records! Check out the Records page for full details.

We managed to catch a couple athletes on camera as they received their outstanding performance awards:

Daphne Sluys wins Christel Donley Award RMMG 2016

Daphne Sluys (F56) was presented with the Christel Donley Award (by Christel herself) for her 1:09.60 in the 400M.

Joanne Marriott wins Sharon Raham Award RMMG 2016

Sharon Raham presenting JoAnne Marriott(F75) with the  Women’s Throws Pentathlon Award for the second year in a row.

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