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The primary purposes for the formation of the CMTFC are to:

  1. Sponsor, plan, organize and run two regional-level Masters track and field events each year.
  2. Provide a team for Colorado masters so that they can compete with similar teams at nationals.

Reminder: To score team points for Colorado Masters Track & Field Club at national championships, please include the club number 0283 in your member profile at usatf.org. Don’t forget about this when you are renewing your yearly membership online! Then, also note your club affiliation on meet entry forms.

Volunteer opportunities
In order to continue our tradition of sponsoring two national caliber, athlete-friendly Masters track and field championships each year, CMTF Club is always looking for new volunteers. We have active or behind-the-scene jobs — both before and day-of our meets. It’s fun for family members to get involved by helping out, at the same time as supporting their athlete.
For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Jim Weed at rockymtnmastersgames@msn.com. Thank you!