Welcome to the Colorado Masters Track and Field Club (CMTFC)

The CMTFC sponsors two masters championship meets each year:

Outdoor Championships:
This year’s Colorado Association and Mid-America Region Masters and Open Outdoor Championship & 36th Annual Rocky Mountain Masters Games at CSU in Ft. Collins will be held August 27th-28th, 2016.

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See Sponsored Meets page for details.

Indoor Championships:
The 2016 Colorado Association and Mid-America Region Masters and Open Indoor Track and Field Championship was held at the Air Force Academy on Sunday, February 7th. It was a great day for a meet (Super Bowl Sunday got everyone jazzed). A total of 26 meet records and two National records were broken. Quenton Torbert set an American record in the M60 shot put and Joanne Marriott set an American record in the W75 superweight throw. Check out the full results on the Results page and don’t miss Dave Albo’s collection of photos available to order at Lane1Photos!
CMTFC was well-represented at the meet and here are the results for our members:
Dale Alexander (M75) 60m 9.77
Christel Donley (F81) 60H 15.47, HJ 1.00, TJ 5.72, SP 7.10, WT 6.20
Jerry Donley (M85) HJ 0.95
Dan Ferguson (M55) HJ 1.60
B. Fox (F78) SP 4.79
Donnelly (Jim) Johnson (M59) 60H 12.64, SP 7.63
Sharon Raham (F69) HJ 0.85, LJ 2.43, TJ 5.33, SP 6.34, WT 8.69
Ian Ramsey (M44) 800m 2:13.83
Dyan Thompson (F48) 60H 18.38, HJ 1.25, LJ 3.83, SP 7.31
Michael Wolfe (M56) 800m 2:22.58
We hope everyone enjoyed the meet. Congratulations to all competitors!


For information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Sue Norton suenorton@indra.com. Thank you!